The 2021 Annual General Assembly (AGM) of the International iQFOiL Youth & Junior Class Association will be staged during the 2021 iQFOiL Youth & Junior World Championships in Campione del Garda, Italy

An additional option to attend the AGM online (Zoom) is open as well, specially for those who are not coming to Campione del Garda, Italy. The Delegate Registration form includes the additional (online) option. If the online participation option is chosen, the email address of the delegate is essential, because the invitation link for the AGM will be sent to that email only!

Date: 25 July 2021
Place: Campione del Garda, Italy
Starting time: 14:00 (Local time)

1. Welcome by the President of the Class
2. Approval of the Minutes of the 2020 IGM
3. Reports
…a. President
…b. Class Manager
4. The 2020 Class Accounts and Financial Statements
5. Submissions
6. Election of the President and Executive Committee
7. Any Other Business

Important! Please download any Form to your computer first, then fill it out, save and send the file back to Class Office!

Those iQFOiL Youth & Junior Class Full Members wishing to make a submission for consideration by the iQFOiL Youth & Junior Class Annual General Meeting shall do so by filling the submission template and sending it by email to by 2400hrs UTC on 24 June 2021.
The same deadline applies for sending the name of candidates for elections of the iQFOiL Youth & Junior Class President and Executive Committee. Each Class Full Member may nominate a maximum of two persons.

The following form should be used: 

Delegate Appointment or Proxy Nominations
iQFOiL Youth & Junior Class Full Member shall confirm their appointed delegate or nominated proxy for the AGM by the President or Secretary of the represented NCA or MNA and authorize that person to vote on any submission on their behalf. Said authorization shall be received by email sent to by 2400hrs UTC on 24 July 2021.
Each Class Full Member may represent no more than two other Class Full Members from whom he or she received a proxy vote mandate.
The following forms should be used:

(please download the Form to your computer, then fill it out, save and send to

Those not appointed as a national delegate may attend as an observer but will not be able to speak unless invited to do so by the chairman. The observers cannot attend the AGM online.

Be prepared
Delegates are urged to take time to read the agenda and the attached submissions in advance and come prepared.
 is the link to the 2020 IGM Minutes.