Three World Titles out of four go to France

A total of 14 Races in the iQFOiL Youth men fleet, 13 Races in the iQFOiL Women Youth and Boy Junior Fleet, and 11 Races in the Junior iQFOiL women fleet were completed. The first-ever youth and junior iQFOiL World Champions were crowned without the medal race on the final day, but with lots of happy and exhausted young racers stoked on foil racing after five action-packed days here on Lake Garda. More than 240 athletes coming from 25 different countries competed at the iQFOiL Junior & Youth World Championships.

In Campione del Garda the french school of windsurf confirmed his total lead among the young guys, infact three titles out of four of the iQFOiL Junior & Youth World Championships went to the french. 

In the Under19 fleet the Frenchman Gaspar Carfatan won the World title with 22 points of discards from the SpanishNacho Baltasar Summers, who finished in second place, followed by another Spaniard Tomas Bernat. “I’m very happy for this World title, I can’t express my feelings right now. I was extremely nervous for today’s races but now that the World championship is over I just want to enjoy my victory”- comments Cartafan after the races.

In the Women’s category the French Manon Pianazza takes the win after her silver medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018. The Italian Sofia Renna who grew up in Lake Garda takes her silver medal, this wasn’t her first race with the iQFOiL, infact she already took part into a race with the senior fleet.  The Israelian Mika Kafri takes the bronze medal after a hard fight against Marion Couturier that ended in fourth place.

In the Under 17 category on the first step of the podium with a big gap between the rest of the fleet we have the frenchElliot Ponce-Baranski followed by the italian Federico Pilloni they have both been really competitive and have shown to be great fighters. Thanks to the morning races the Sweden Vidar Nystrom managed to take the third place.

Absolute winner between the girls is the Israeli Tamar Steinber that collected only bullets in all races of the Championship except the discard. In second place the Norweigian Tuva Oppedal has been very consistent during the event. The Italian Linda Oprandi right on the last day with three close and engaging races managed to take the third place in this great competition.

The races on the last Day

The day started with the wind coming from the north with an intensity of about 15-18 knots which went dropping throughout the morning. Three races have been completed for every category with the Course Race format. The first to start where the Youngest, the Under 17, followed by the youth. 

The Medal race was scheduled for the afternoon South wind, promising a great finally for the event. The first 12 athletes of every category would battle it out on one final elimination race, but unfortunately it could not been run as the wind was not suitable enough.

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The fresh wind from the north made possible the conclusion of three amazing races for the Youth class 

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Campione del Garda

Univela Sailing

The first races of the championships started as scheduled at 9:00 am. The youth men Under 19 were the first ones on the water to kick off the competition and the women right after them.

The boys were divided in two different fleets, yellow and blue. 

The fleets will be grouped again tomorrow based on today results. The fleets system applies only during the qualification races based on previous races results, from the third day of racing on they’ll be divided in gold and silver (first half of the fleet in gold and second half in silver). The first half of the fleet will hold the fight for the title. 

The girls instead are racing in a single fleet because of the smaller number of participants.

The schedule for this morning has been followed perfectly thanks to the favorable wind conditions. All youth fleets completed 3 course races back-to-back with an average wind speed of 15 knots and choppy water. 

When the wind speed reaches 15 knots the format used is the Course Race, which lasts around 15 minutes. 

“Today the racing course was very technical, it was fundamental to make great starts. As well as the start it was important to make the right choices based on the wind, to find ourselves on the right side of the course where the pressure was better. The overtakes happened a lot on the lay lines which need to be super precise in order to get faster to the mark” – said Manon Pianazza, the French girl leading the provisional ranking. 

In the men’s fleet until now the ones that stood out the most are the Spanish, French and Israeli ones that find themselves in the first 10. There are two Italians, Manolo Modena in 7th place and Leonardo Tomasini in 10th place, both representing Circolo Surf Torbole. At the first place of the provisional results Nacho Baltasar Summers with excellent partial: 1-2-5, followed by two French guys, Ewen Kermorgant 16-3-1 and in third place Gaspard Carfantan with 1- NCS – 3.

For the moment the competitors are very close with the partials, the short ranking is a prelude to potential big changes in the coming days.

In the women division at the first place we find Manon Pianazza which in the first races this morning has been able to score consistent results such as 2-1-1. Afterwards we have Sofia Renna which has been really constant as well with 1-3-2. On the third place we have Kafri Mika coming from Israel with three solid races 3-4-3. The first three girls have a big gap comparing to the other ones of the fleet.

Concerning the Junior division (boys and girls Under 17) the schedule foresaw 3 races just after the Youth fleet but unfortunately as soon as they got out the wind dropped and they didn’t managed to do any race for today.

Tomorrow is the second day of racing, the guys are super happy and ready to compete and to give their best tomorrow as well as they did today. They managed to amaze everyone with their ability to ride so impressively on foils at such a young age.

Action Video of 1st Day

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