Following on the success of the 2020 Australian Windfoil Championships held in January, 2020 in Brisbane, plans were well underway for a repeat RQYS hosted event in Jan 2021, leading to an exciting WA based event at South of Perth Yacht Club early in summer 2022. Fast forward to the middle of 2021, and for a lot of Australians travel plans and interstate access wasn’t really working out that well. Most especially getting access into the more geographically isolated WA. Unfortunately, plans for 2022 had to be revised, including our own Nationals, and, at a rather late stage, including the Foil Nats inside the renowned Sail Melbourne Regatta became a very real option. And faced with many other uncertainties, a very practical one for both National level racing and organizers too. Melbourne it was.
Positive planning and solid commitment from both participants and organizers saw a very enthusiastic group of all skill levels attend a 5 day training camp ahead of SailMelb official competition. Organised by Australian Sailing’s Foiling Coordinator, Arthur Brett, this served a multitude of benefits on and off the water; extra time together yielded better relationships and understanding of the sport, its direction and objectives, as well as sharpening the skills and fitness ahead of the real competition. A very well received – and very well delivered- initiative.
Thanks to the La Nina weather pattern, atypically “Queensland” weather of lighter offshore winds and humid conditions replaced the normal scorching hot Northerlies and blasting SW cold fronts that Melbourne is renowned for, and Royal Brighton Yacht Club turned on a fantastic host location to allow practical water access from within the protected marina area in all wind and sea conditions.

The more sheltered Northern sailing course used the first couple of days didn’t really present the best opportunities for windfoil, but once the race area was switched to a slightly more open Southern course, the action definitely stepped up a notch and both course racing on windward-return as well as light wind “beam reach” figure 8 slalom were both very successful and competitive. While not in the same league as PWA high wind foil slalom, the success of the light wind slaloms in SailMelb was noticeable, getting consistent racing completed in close spectator proximity to the shoreline and providing engaging competition on water for the racers in conditions that would be otherwise marginal for traditional windward racing.
Obvious in the slalom races was the continued dominance of the larger riders, even in the lightest of conditions the racing didn’t become a light rider monopoly. Yes, it relied on skill and experience to maintain the glide thru the corners, but the leading riders made a great display of how effective, efficient and fun lightwind racing on short, tight circuits can be. Everyone’s racing improved as the series progressed, and many commented on how much they had actually enjoyed the slalom side of the racing. Exploring less traditional and finding more options for new racing formats is definitely a positive trend.
Onshore pitstops weren’t so practical given the location, and generally would be considered to be an important ingredient of modern windfoil racing, so a couple of foil tools went to the bottom during on-water retunings between races. All in all, some great experiences, some good event refinement takeaways – and some really competitive, close and engaging racing. At all levels of the fleet.
Potential too, looking outside the traditional “light wind” slalom to incorporate future “high wind” downwind slalom racing in a more PWA style in future Nationals events. Exciting times.
While the majority of the fleet competed on Adult or Youth iQFOiL equipment, open equipment competition was also encouraged under the Formula Foil guidelines, with the Sail Melbourne Event being itself an open/unrestricted equipment event, and separate Australian Championship being decided within the overall rankings for iQFOiL in Open, Women’s and Youth classifications.
After 5 solid afternoons on the water, in consistent and class suitable rising sea breeze conditions (typically around 10-15 kts on water, some slalom in 7-10 kts), the fleet were exhausted but satisfied, and a sunny open air presentation ceremony concluded the regatta on the steps of the Royal Brighton Clubhouse.

Organizers and participants would especially like to thank Sail Melbourne and Royal Brighton for their hosting and hospitality; our appreciation to the officials, volunteers, coaches, parents and other organizers who all contributed to a very successful event held under overshadowing public health concerns. Many participants traveled in uncertain conditions, away from the safety of their home state to participate; a definite additional challenge beyond the normal sporting ones, and which no doubt kept our fleet numbers lower than otherwise.
Appropriate that we also acknowledge the initial planning efforts made by South of Perth Yacht Club for the original 2022 event scheduled for WA. We are sure that the Perth based event will be a sensational opportunity, and another great showcase for this exciting chapter of our sport.
SailMelbourne 2022 Windfoil Regatta 1. Grae Morris/NSW  2. Caelin Winchcombe/WA  3. Harry Joyner/WAAustralian iQFOiL Championship  1. Grae Morris/NSW  2. Caelin Winchcombe/WA  3. Harry Joyner/WAAustralian Womens iQFOiL Championship 1. Samantha Costin/QLD  2. Amelia Quinlan/NSW 3. Charlotte Wormald/VICAustralian Youth Windfoil Championship  1. Philip Cripsey/VIC  2. Jarrod Jones/QLD  3. Matty Goss/VIC

SailMelb2022 Windfoil.png

The first ever iQ Games for the Youth and Juniors is confirmed. The event will happen from the 8-13th of March along the Senior and U21 iQFOiL Games at the Federacion Andaluza de Vela facilites in Puerto Sherry, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain.

For registration and information please go to dedicated website for the event.


Five brand new videos are now available as a resource free of charge for clubs, federations, schools, or anyone else looking for help while guiding young sailors on their iQFOiL Journey.

To simplify and get everyone involved, the iQFOiL class, in collaboration with Starboard and World Sailing, has created a complete video guide to iQFOiL, giving insights into the equipment setup and formats demonstrating exactly how easy it is to learn windsurfing, foiling and racing. With the technical beginner’s education based on the RYA’s windsurfing teaching models, the iQFOiL video guide is here to make learning windsurfing and foiling more accessible than ever before.

Value And Growing Participation Are Key

Minimising costs for parents, clubs and federations and offering a simple, streamlined pathway for kids while growing participation at all levels of the sport is one of the mission statements of the new iQFOiL class. That’s also why the Junior and Youth equipment was designed for kids to learn their first steps on the same board that they will later take their first flights on and even keep racing till they are U19’s. The iQFOiL Youth gear is selected for the World Sailing Youth World Championships for the next four years.

Windsurfing’s new Olympic class, iQFOiL, is growing in popularity by the minute. With exciting new racing formats and a streamlined pathway from junior to olympian, this new foiling class brings together windsurfers and sailors from all classes. Are you ready to join the IQFOiL party?

Rob Holden, World Sailing Training Delivery Manager Comments On The iQFOiL85 Surface2Air Concept: Sailing is an amazing diverse sport with a lot to offer people of all ages and abilities, but it has some challenges when we wish to develop the sport globally. The Starboard Surface to Air has smashed some of these barriers; the board is accessible with an easy pathway from learning to windsurf through conventional windsurfing to flying(foiling). It can be travelled around the world and leads to the Olympic class the iQFOiL. More importantly, it is fun, modern, and attractive to teenagers. I am excited by the prospects of this board attracting new people to the sport, keeping people in the sport, and changing people’s lives through the sport.’

Access The Complete Guide To Windsurfing And The iQFOiL Class Here Now:

#1 START WINDSURFING | Learn How To Windsurf | Basic First Steps

List Of Contents:

• How To Set Up The IQFOiL 85 SurfaceToAir For Beginner Windsurfers

• Uphauling Your Sail and Secure Position

• Sailing Position • Static Turn

• Steering and sailing towards the wind • Basic tack

• Basic gybe

• Self Rescue

#2 START WINDSURFING | Using The Harness & Footstraps | Planing And Picking Up Speed

List Of Contents:

• How to set up the IQFOiL 85 SurfaceToAir for planing

• Launching From The Beach And Returning to Shore Securely

• Beach Start

• Intermediate Stance

• Using The Harness

• Basic Pumping

• Using the Footstraps

• Fast Tacking

• Fast Gybe

• Carve Gybe

#3 START WINDSURF FOILING | First Flights | Foiling Up And Down Wind | Foil Gybe

List Of Contents:

• How To Set Up The IQFOiL 85 SurfaceToAir for foiling

• Getting in and out of the water with your foil safely

• Foiling Basic Rules

• First Flights

• Sustained flights

• Increase Speed

• Foil Upwind

• Foil Downwind

• Foil Tacking

• Foil Gybing


List Of Contents:

• Tuning your IQFOiL 85 SurfaceToAir for different wind strength

• Footstraps

• Foil Rake

• Fuselage and Shims/ Backwing Angle

• Mast Foot Position


List Of Contents:

• Course Racing

• Slalom (Sprint & Downwind)

• Marathon

• Medal Race 

Here’s a follow up from the iQ Youth&Junior EGM which took place November the 29th,

The vote to change the iQ foil mast from aluminum to carbon for the U19 class has gone through with nearly 100% of delegates voting in favor of the change.  

The Class and Starboard have verified the change with World Sailing and are planning out the transition timeline.

Starboard has set a special mast exchange offer for sailors who have already bought the iQFOiL Youth Aluminum Foil, which will be organised through distributors and dealers.

Regarding the timeline, the priority for the carbon upgrade will go to those sailors who attended this year’s iQFOiL Y&J Worlds or Europeans. There are 600 carbon masts available immediately.

The upgrades will be organised through distributors and dealers.  

Minutes of the meeting in this link

Meeting date

We will hold the meeting on 29th November 2021 at 19:00 CET.

Meeting agenda

Update on Class Activities since last meeting;

Any request of information please send an email to

Behind the scenes of the iQFOiL European Championship

When arriving at the event site of the iQfoil Youth/Junior European Championships in Bol there was a lot of excited, hopeful and maybe some nervous faces. The vibes at the event site was youthful. The young foilers have high hopes for the future and keep proving that anything is possible! 

Gaspard crossing the line at the medal race final!

We have a lot to learn from our athletes. What I noticed about the athletes early on was that they dared to be a 100% themselves, and this alone makes them way to cool for this world. In a world with so much judgment it was really refreshing to witness an environment where no one judged each other, but rather embraced each others differences. 

Another thing I noticed about the athletes was that they where always helping each other out. It seemed like no matter if it was their competitor or teammate, the athletes where always helping each other. You could see them helping each other in and out from the water, giving each other tips and cheering each other on. It seemed like they really wanted the best for each other. 

I also admire that the athletes where always having fun! No matter if it was super windy or if they where waiting for the wind onshore, the athletes seemed to always make the best of it. On the water between the races you could witness some foil freestyle action, and on shore you could see them making friends. 

I think that the key to success is to be a part of an environment where the athletes dare to be themselves without judgment, where they help each other, want the best for each other, and at the same time are having fun. This rare environment exist in the iQfoil Youth/Junior Class, and its so inspiring to see and to be a part of. 

Even tough it’s a European Championship it’s not always just about the medals. It was amazing to see so many athletes evolving and learning so much during the week. A regatta like this is a very good opportunity to learn about racing but is also a very good opportunity to learn from other windsurfers. A lot of athletes stay at home because they think that they are not good enough to participate in an European Championship, but if you only dare to dive into it you will realise that its not dangerous, you will learn a lot and you will definitely have a lot of fun! I think that diving in to it is the very best way. No one arrives at a competition like this and becomes the best straight away, you learn more and more every event and it will bring you closer and closer to the top. I will definitely recommend everyone who have the basic foiling skills to join in on the events, don’t miss out on a learning opportunity like this!!

It’s also super cool to see al the friendships that where made during the week. It’s unbelievably valuable to have friends who can relate to what you do. Having windsurfing friends can bring you a lot of joy, you learn a lot form each other and you always have people supporting you both on shore and on the water.  

In the iQFOiL Youth/Junior Class the athletes have created an environment where the athletes dare to be themselves without judgment, where they help each other, want the best for each other, and at the same time are having fun. I think that having an environment like this around you really helps you on your way to success, and its super inspiring to  see and to be a part of. Even tough it’s a European Championship it’s not always just about the medals, its probably one of the best learning opportunities out there!! It was amazing too see the progress that the athletes made during the week learning from each other. I would definitely advice everyone with basic foiling skills to join the fun! 

It was an extremely exciting last day of racing, with two races for the fleets using the MR1 course before going into the medals.

The wind was around 10-13 kts and the battles were great.

In the medals, the tension was as expected, very high! Some very tight races till the very end!

Check the Highlight video here

Event video here

Final results:

Junior U15 Girls
Alexandra Lojinova CZE 87🥇
Simon Hanna HUN70🥈
Maya Barel ISR100🥉

Junior U15 Boys
Ian Anic CRO30🥇
Kfir Gefen ISR225🥈
Miks Busmanis LAT36🥉

Junior U17 Girls
@tamar.steinberg 🥇
@salome_lucass 🥈
@karogajdzinska 🥉

Junior U17 Boys
@elliot__ponce 🥇
@antoine._martin 🥈
@noegarandeau 🥉

Youth U19 Girls
@mikakafri 🥇
@linaerzen 🥈
@kacka_alt 🥉

Youth boys
@carfantangaspard 🥇
@dunc_monaghan 🥈
@hiddened352 🥉

It’s all smiles after Day 1! it doesn’t get better than Bol’s thermic wind conditions!!!

Follow the action on the Europeans website here

Please have a look on the event website for all related information of the event, NoR of race and registration.


A total of 14 Races in the iQFOiL Youth men fleet, 13 Races in the iQFOiL Women Youth and Boy Junior Fleet, and 11 Races in the Junior iQFOiL women fleet were completed. The first-ever youth and junior iQFOiL World Champions were crowned without the medal race on the final day, but with lots of happy and exhausted young racers stoked on foil racing after five action-packed days here on Lake Garda.

241 Young racers battled it out on course and slalom racecourses and displayed that this new foiling generation is ready for high-speed windsurfing action of the finest! While many of the youth riders are already training on the senior equipment and against the senior fleet, the 100 sets of youth equipment available for charter at this Regatta allowed each of these riders to show their level amongst peers of their age. With a forecast for only wind in the morning on the final day, the decision was taken to allow everyone to race more instead of making the medal race for just the top 12. So the final ranking of the event is based on the results from all the races run throughout the week.


 The French duo Manon Piannazza and Gaspard Carfantan are the first-ever iQFOiL Youth World Champions, and Tamar Steinberg (ISR) and Elliot Ponce- Baranski (FRA) become Junior World Champions here in Garda. The youth winners were awarded a brand new iQFOiL 95 board to facilitate their transition to the senior class, while the junior winners were awarded an iQFOil 85 board. But let’s take a closer look at our top fives


During the iQFOiL Games in Campione earlier this year, Manon Piannazza had already shown her immense potential by finishing 6th in the Senior fleet and 2nd U21. After backing that up now with an impressive display here at the youth worlds this week, it seems clear that we will be hearing more from this talented young lady, who also won a silver medal at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires in 2018 when she was only 15 years old.

 Local Girl Sofia Renna also showed that windsurfing runs deep through her veins and that she will be one to watch in the future. Sofia comes from a family of windsurfers with her older brothers Riccardo and Nicolo competing in the iQFOiL Class while her Dad runs the Vasco Renne Windsurfing Center in Torbole. This week, Sofia used her home spot knowledge to comfortably secure the silver medal ahead of Mika Kafri from Israel. The Top 5 is completed by Marion Couturier from France, who takes 4th and Lucy Kenyon from Great Britain in 5th.

  View Full Results Of Youth Women (U19) Here



Gaspard Carfantan made his debut onto the international iQFOiL regatta scene, one to remember with a dominant display of first-place finishes throughout the week. While it might have been his first international iQFOiL Regatta, Gaspard is already Vice-European Champion and won a bronze medal at the Bic Techno World Championships in 2017. It looks like his racing skills have easily transferred onto foiling. We are curious to see more of Gaspard in the future.Places 2 and 3 of the Men’s Youth Fleet go to Spanish riders Nacho Baltasar Summers and Bernat Tomas. These two boys are friends who are often training together in Mallorca. Not only do they have favourable weather conditions at their home spot all year round, we also found out that they are racing not only with their peers but also against both their parents on the weekends! With their families equally infected with the foiling virus, we expect to see more from them in the future.Place 4 goes to Duncan Monaghan from Great Britain, and Hidde Van Der Meer from Holland completes the top 5. Not only did Hidde impress with his performance on the water, but he also did a great job at sharing some of the behind the scenes footage over the Starboard Windsurfing Instagram Channel. Thanks, and congrats Hidde!

 View The Full Results of Men (U19) Here


TAMAR STEINBERG with the yellow jersey

 In the Junior Women fleet, Tamar Steinberg from Isreal showed she was racing in a league of her own as she won all of the races this week. Israel is the only other nation that could get one of the first highly anticipated Junior World Championship Gold medals. After her great performance this week, we can’t wait to see more of Tamar!

 Tuva Oppedal from Norway was able to win a silver Medal after a week of super consistent top 5 results. Tuva was coached by her older sister Helle Oppedal who also competes in the iQFOiL class and won the PWA Foil Slalom event in Israel last month. Guess what? Their other two younger sisters are also already foiling, so if sibling rivalry is anything to go by, you can be sure to see more of the Oppedal sisters in the future! Linda Oprandi from Italy takes the Bronze Medal ahead of Maria Rudowicz from Poland, who is still U15! Maya Gisler also from Norway completes the top 5.

 View The Full Results Of The Junior Girls Here

Junior Girls About To Round The Leeward Mark


In the Junior boys division, Elliot Ponce-Baranski won the 3rd Gold Medal for France at this event in style by leading from start till finish. However, it was not without a good fight against Italian youngster Federico Pilloni who managed to secure five race wins and showed super consistent results all week.Vidar Nystrom will take home the Bronze Medal to Sweden, and will be sure to inspire his friends back home with this impressive performance. Places 4 and 5 go yet again to France with Clement Picquet and Tom Nicolle, demonstrating that the pool of talented young French riders is as big as ever!

View The Full Results Of Junior Boys (U17) Here

 William Preiss from Latvia, only 11years old and the youngest competitor


 WHAT AN EVENT 63 junior boys, 29 junior girls, 35 youth women and 114 youth men took part in the first official Junior and Youth iQFOiL Championships.If these numbers are anything to judge by what the future might look like, we can’t wait to see what the next championship in a hopefully covid free world will look like. We congratulate all the winners and brave youngsters who faced Garda’s strong northerly morning winds for this very first iQFOiL Junior and Youth World Championships and look forwards to seeing many of you again next year!





 What an amazing experience this last week! The wind played some tricks on us but we managed to do a lot of racing in the end. The atmosphere was great and the level was crazy high. The junior fleet was very diverse on level and ages, from young William Preiss from Latvia at only 11 years already having some good races into Elliot Ponce-Baranski from France on the other end winning the event in a solid form, ready to move into the U19.

 The winners from the U19 showed that their level is really high and that they can move into the senior fleet with the right skills and to be honest I believe they can have great results there as well. It was very gratifying to see that we have developed a great pathway class for the iQ Senior and that all the ‘kids’ will be ready to challenge the seniors at a much earlier time in their future Olympic careers.

 Do you want to see all the amazing photo’s of our young sailors taken during this week? Make sure to visit iQFOiL Youth and Junior Facebook Page:iQFOiL Junior and Youth Facebook Page 

 Interested to find out more about the iQFOil Youth and Junior Equipment? Check it Out Here