The final agenda, submissions and the candidates for the election of the Class President and the Executive Committee are published now on the Class website:

The 2021 Annual General Assembly (AGM) of the International iQFOiL Youth & Junior Class Association will be staged just before the 2021 iQFOiL Youth & Junior World Championships in Campione del Garda, Italy on 25 July 2021 at 1400 (CET/local time)

The additional option to attend the AGM online (Zoom) is open as well, specially for those who are not coming to Campione del Garda, Italy. The Delegate Registration form includes the additional (online) option. If the online participation option is chosen, the email address of the delegate is essential, because the invitation link for the AGM will be sent to that email only!

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The Executive Committee of the Class

2021 iQFOiL Youth & Junior World Championships will be held in Campione del Garda, Italy between 26-31 July 2021.

The Event website is open:

As well as the Online Registration:

Notice of Race will be published shortly.

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The World Sailing Council overwhelmingly accepted the iQFOiL Youth & Junior Class Application. This will entitle the Class to five (5) official world title, which will be distributed between the Youth (U19) and Junior (U17) age groups.

iQFOiL Youth & Junior is a One Design Class which allows youth and junior sailors to compete using a very similar package and racing similar formats to the senior Olympic discipline, allowing them to develop the skills and techniques that they will serve them well in their future Olympic campaigns.

Starboard is delighted to announce the iQFOiL Youth & Junior Class’ acquisition of official World Sailing status. This marks a big leap in Windsurfing for young windsurfers, as they can learn to foil, compete and progress through their youth careers (all the way up to U19 World Championships) on the one board.

The first U19 World Championships is set to take place in July 2021 and will enable young iQ Foilers to compete for one of the five official world titles that are up for grabs.

“Starboard’s goal is always to grow windsurfing and sailing, while getting everyone on board for ocean protection activism.
By creating a clear pathway with aspirational equipment, we invite sailing clubs around the world to get on board to initiate or expand their windsurfing programs. Together with World Sailing and classes like Kitefoiling, Techno, Optimist and Laser, we can get more people into our sport and increase the retention rate in sailing. My Optimist friends in Norway are excited about the potential of the iQFoil junior class as their next level of sailing, and I am excited to see integration within the sailing community, 54 years after Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer gave birth to our sport. FYI, we use the iQFoil 85 with the optional center box / fin to teach entry level windsurfers at our HQ test center.”

Svein Rasmussen, founder of Starboard.”

“The iQFoil Junior equipment is so attractive that it will make loads of kids jump into windsurfing as we have seen with America’s Cup Stars windsurf foiling on the iQFOiL Senior equipment in their free time. Young sailors can have their first foiling experience at a much younger age and at a much more affordable package than what they were used to. I think we will see a great growth in our beautiful windsurfing sport. Exciting times for the iQFOiL Youth&Junior Class!“
iQFoil Class Manager and former PWA Foil World Champion, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel.

Equipment Website here

To become a member of International iQFOiL Youth & Junior Class Association, the World Sailing MNA’s are welcomed to apply for the Class membership. To become a Class member, please download the

APPLICATION FORM (click here) 

fill it up and send back to Class:

May you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact Andrus Poksi, the Class Executive Secretary:

Executive Committee
International iQFOiL Youth & Junior Class Association

The Next Generation of foilers is already on the starting line. The first iQFOil Junior and Youth events took place in Norway, Thailand, Holland and Spain.  

After the big success of the first international iQFOiL regatta on lake Silvaplana, many countries hosted nationals in the weeks that followed. We are delighted to see the first signs of our junior campaign taking root. Already 4 events took place over the last few weeks and more are coming up with one common denominator: happy kids coming off the water with big smiles. Seeing how the young sailors embrace foiling with excitement and no fear is the best proof of concept we could wish for. 

In the following report, you can find closer information about the recent junior and youth events in Norway, Thailand, Spain and the Netherlands. 


Norway hosted its first iQFOil youth contest with big success. 17 young racers most coming from a RS:X or Techno background showed remarkable progression while they competed at their first iQFOil regatta in only 8 degrees Celsius.  

“The course was spectacularly set right in the middle of the Cityscape of Arendal, which also made it particularly easy to follow for parents onshore. A gusty northerly breeze from 6 to 22 knots was challenging but equally rewarding as the iQFOil Juniors sailed 4 upwind races. It was remarkable to see that the last race took only a third of the time of the first.  Many of the kids had never even been airborne before the event and experiencing their learning curve first hand was amazing.”  

– Anders Føyen event organizer in Arendal 

Read the full interview with Anders here


 The first Thai iQFOil Junior event took place from the 26-27th of September in Jombtien, Pattaya. 15 riders registered for the iQFOil Junior Division and despite very light winds on the first day, they managed to complete the first race. On the second day, the first race was the windiest of the event with still only 6-9 knots which were still enough to allow almost everybody to foil all the time, at the same time. The weight of the riders was between 48 and 65 kgs definitely helping the cause of racing in those extremely light conditions and despite the super light wind in total 3 races were completed over the weekend. 

Since Starboard is based in Thailand our R&D manager Remi Vila was able to oversee and help guide the first iQFOil Youth Event in Thailand. Having delivered the equipment to the Youth and Juniors at the sailing club in Pattaya only 10 days prior to the event what was striking once more was the learning curve and speed in which the kids started flying, all of them airborne from day one.

 Remi Vila reports: “During the 10 days before the event, I was able to visit the club twice to further give them the best advice on the trim of their equipment so that they could learn how to get the best out of it. They were all very attentive to the shim in the foil box and shim on the tail wing to understand all the benefits of this for light to strong winds. During the event the atmosphere was great, foiling managed to prove once more how easy and attractive it is also for the young generation. Thanks to foiling, Windsurfers will be able to enjoy a lot more days on the water, especially on the light wind locations around the world like here in Thailand. ”  – Remi Vila Starboard R&D Manager


First one up was Holland at the beginning of September. 15 youngsters from the Netherlands, Belgium and France took part and were offered an introduction into iQfoil racing from the iQFOiL Academy Team. 

The young sailors also got a big surprise by being able to get some tips and go foiling with the freshly crowned iQfoil European Champion Kiran Badloe and his coach Aaron Mcintosh.  16 Races were completed over the weekend in all different formats (slalom, course racing and long-distance/marathon).

‘I love it because it feels like flying. It’s just more special than the old way of windsurfing this is the new and the old is, well, old. It’s just not as relevant anymore. In about 6 years I might be able to go to the Youth Olympics so that’s what I’m working towards right now. After that, I want to go to the Olympics.” – 12-year-old Fin Brull who finished first in the U13 category

“We hope that other clubs will join us by setting up their own iQfoil youth (junior/youth) programs in order to be able to set up national youth (junior/youth) competitions. That’s how we can discover new talents: new Kirans and Lilians” – Marco Boone, host of the event at  WSV Almere Centraal 

Read full report of the event here


Before the Spanish foil Championships in Cadiz took place, the iQfoil Academy team hosted a 2-day clinic to initiate and prepare the juniors and youth for the upcoming event. After the initial 2 days of coaching, the racing began, a lot of fun and exciting races. Almost half of the participants of the championships were either youth or juniors (35 out of the 77 participants) ! 

“It’s amazing how foiling is taking off everywhere. I was amazed by the big numbers here in Cadiz. The young kids have already an impressive level, they make it look like they have been foiling for years already. They learn very quickly, they love it and it is very hard to get them off the water! Spain is on the right path!” – Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, iQFOiL Class Manager