Five brand new videos are now available as a resource free of charge for clubs, federations, schools, or anyone else looking for help while guiding young sailors on their iQFOiL Journey.

To simplify and get everyone involved, the iQFOiL class, in collaboration with Starboard and World Sailing, has created a complete video guide to iQFOiL, giving insights into the equipment setup and formats demonstrating exactly how easy it is to learn windsurfing, foiling and racing. With the technical beginner’s education based on the RYA’s windsurfing teaching models, the iQFOiL video guide is here to make learning windsurfing and foiling more accessible than ever before.

iQfoil Youth & Junior World Championship 2022 Engadingwind 2022 24 August, 2022 © Sailing Energy / Engadinwind

Value And Growing Participation Are Key

Minimising costs for parents, clubs and federations and offering a simple, streamlined pathway for kids while growing participation at all levels of the sport is one of the mission statements of the new iQFOiL class. That’s also why the Junior and Youth equipment was designed for kids to learn their first steps on the same board that they will later take their first flights on and even keep racing till they are U19’s. The iQFOiL Youth gear is selected for the World Sailing Youth World Championships for the next four years.

Windsurfing’s new Olympic class, iQFOiL, is growing in popularity by the minute. With exciting new racing formats and a streamlined pathway from junior to olympian, this new foiling class brings together windsurfers and sailors from all classes. Are you ready to join the IQFOiL party?

Rob Holden, World Sailing Training Delivery Manager Comments On The iQFOiL85 Surface2Air Concept: Sailing is an amazing diverse sport with a lot to offer people of all ages and abilities, but it has some challenges when we wish to develop the sport globally. The Starboard Surface to Air has smashed some of these barriers; the board is accessible with an easy pathway from learning to windsurf through conventional windsurfing to flying(foiling). It can be travelled around the world and leads to the Olympic class the iQFOiL. More importantly, it is fun, modern, and attractive to teenagers. I am excited by the prospects of this board attracting new people to the sport, keeping people in the sport, and changing people’s lives through the sport.’

Access The Complete Guide To Windsurfing And The iQFOiL Class Here Now:

#1 START WINDSURFING | Learn How To Windsurf | Basic First Steps

List Of Contents:

• How To Set Up The IQFOiL 85 SurfaceToAir For Beginner Windsurfers

• Uphauling Your Sail and Secure Position

• Sailing Position • Static Turn

• Steering and sailing towards the wind • Basic tack

• Basic gybe

• Self Rescue

#2 START WINDSURFING | Using The Harness & Footstraps | Planing And Picking Up Speed

List Of Contents:

• How to set up the IQFOiL 85 SurfaceToAir for planing

• Launching From The Beach And Returning to Shore Securely

• Beach Start

• Intermediate Stance

• Using The Harness

• Basic Pumping

• Using the Footstraps

• Fast Tacking

• Fast Gybe

• Carve Gybe

#3 START WINDSURF FOILING | First Flights | Foiling Up And Down Wind | Foil Gybe

List Of Contents:

• How To Set Up The IQFOiL 85 SurfaceToAir for foiling

• Getting in and out of the water with your foil safely

• Foiling Basic Rules

• First Flights

• Sustained flights

• Increase Speed

• Foil Upwind

• Foil Downwind

• Foil Tacking

• Foil Gybing


List Of Contents:

• Tuning your IQFOiL 85 SurfaceToAir for different wind strength

• Footstraps

• Foil Rake

• Fuselage and Shims/ Backwing Angle

• Mast Foot Position


List Of Contents:

• Course Racing

• Slalom (Sprint & Downwind)

• Marathon

• Medal Race