Given the raise of costs of travelling we have decided not to apply the late entry fee of 280 euros. So every one coming to the event can pay the early entry fee of 250.00 euros. For the sailors that have already paid 280 euros, we will reimburse the 30 euro difference at the event.

This will be the second event where you can change your old aluminium mast for a carbon one or the new aluminium.

Remember to fill in all your details on this excel, we won’t make the exchange until all the info requested there is complete.

As a reminder, all competitors taking part of the event will have access to the exchange.
If you have bought a Junior foil, you are entitled to get the new Alu mast free of charge.
If you have bought a Youth foil, you are entitled to get the Carbon mast for 290+vat=350.9

Very important to show us your invoice where it states where you bought your foil and that you actually bought a Youth Foil.

Very important as well that you pay your entry for the event before coming to make the exchange. Information of where to pay your entry in the NoR point 5 “Fees”.

To make the payment for the Carbon ones, you can pay cash or bank transfer to this details. You need to provide proof of bank transfer. 

Loyal to the Foil SL

IBAN: ES4501820220040201729553


State on the bank transfer your sail number.

See you soon!