It was an extremely exciting day today. We did two races for the fleets using the MR1 course before going into the medals.

The wind was around 10-13 kts and the battles were great.

In the medals, the tension was as expected, very high! Some very tight races till the very end!

Check the Highlight video here

Final results:

Junior U15 Girls
Alexandra Lojinova CZE 87🥇
Simon Hanna HUN70🥈
Maya Barel ISR100🥉

Junior U15 Boys
Ian Anic CRO30🥇
Kfir Gefen ISR225🥈
Miks Busmanis LAT36🥉

Junior U17 Girls
@tamar.steinberg 🥇
@salome_lucass 🥈
@karogajdzinska 🥉

Junior U17 Boys
@elliot__ponce 🥇
@antoine._martin 🥈
@noegarandeau 🥉

Youth U19 Girls
@mikakafri 🥇
@linaerzen 🥈
@kacka_alt 🥉

Youth boys
@carfantangaspard 🥇
@dunc_monaghan 🥈
@hiddened352 🥉