After a skippers meeting where the riders where told that the chances of getting wind today was minimal, it was a pleasant surprise when the wind arrived early and strong. With up to 14 knts the race comity decided to go for course racing for the youth fleet. After one course race for the youth boys and girls the wind dropped and we had perfect conditions for some downwind slalom action! 

Youth girls

The youth girls had one course race where Mika Kafri (ISR-365) impressed us all with very good performance in the light wind conditions. Mika won the course race and one slalom race today. The Czech girls Barbora Svikova (CZE-98) and Katerina Altmannova (CZE-11) continued to show some great racing in the downwind slalom course. 

Currently top three results: 

  1. Barbora Svikova (CZE-98)
  2. Mika Kafri (ISR-365)
  3. Katerina Altmannova (CZE-11)

Youth boys 

Gaspard Carfantan (FRA-379) extended his lead by showing some good racing. Max Beaman (GBR262) who is in 2nd won all his slalom races today and is now just ahead of Jacopo Gavioli (ITA-345).

Currently top three results: 

  1. Gaspard Carfantan (FRA-379)
  2. Max Beaman (GBR262)
  3. Jacopo Gavioli (ITA-345)

Junior girls 

In the junior girls fleet Tamar Steinberg (ISR-216) continues her winning streak. Until now she have won every single race, the question is will anyone be able to beat her? From 2nd to 5th position points are very close. Karolina Gajdzinska (POL-319) is in 2nd with only one point in front of Manon Gire (FRA-522)

Currently top three results: 

  1. Tamar Steinberg (ISR-216)
  2. Karolina Gajdzinska (POL-319)
  3. Manon Gire (FRA-522)

Junior boys 

In the junior boys fleet point are closer than ever, Davis Mazais (LAT-29) and Antonie Martin (FRA-1356) are in the lead with the same points. Noe Garandeau (FRA-38) got a win in the downwind slalom course today and is now in third. 

Currently top three results: 

  1. Davis Mazais (LAT-29) 
  2. Antonie Martin (FRA-1356) 
  3. Noe Garandeau (FRA-38)

So far we got: 

U19 Girls: 7 slalom and 3 course (full results)

U19 Boys: 8 slalom and 2 course (full results)

U17 Girls: 7 slalom (full results)

U17 Boys: 8 Slalom (full results)

Video Highlights Day 3

And a lot of FUN!!!! Report by Helle Oppedal!